Engagement + Activities =
A Roadmap to Student Success

The evidence is too important to ignore. Student activities are the common denominator that fuels student engagement. When students are effectively engaged through school-based, student-driven, adult-supervised activities, a school becomes a place where students want to spend their time.


Activities matter. That’s a fact. But how can educators be sure that their activities program is operating at full potential? How can they be sure that all students are engaged, especially those who are at risk of slipping through the cracks?

The Alliance for Student Activities has the answer.

ENGAGE is an easy-to-use web-based application that provides educators with the tools to track activities, measure student performance, and create a community of engagement for all students. Click an icon below to learn more.

Map participation
Measure performance
Manage your program

Just $449 per year

Our schools are charged with educating the whole student, and student activities offer an arena for achieving that mission. ENGAGE allows educators to take the management of student activities to a whole new level. Designed by educators for educators, this simple tool is an efficient, effective way to manage any student activities program.

Engage and reap the rewards of effective activities management!

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MAP Participation

  • Search all activities through a web browser
  • Establish quick connections for students who need a mentor
  • Track community service hours
  • Summarize average hours of participation
  • Create individual profiles for every student
  • Discover disconnected students
  • Identify underutilized faculty resources

MEASURE Performance

  • Connect participation metrics with attendance, behavior, and course performance
  • Cumulatively track community service hours
  • Graphically display student performance data
  • Assess involvement by student body as a whole
  • Easily compile participation statistics for accreditation purposes

MANAGE Your Program

  • Manage all clubs, organizations, activities, and events from one common, cloud-based platform
  • Easily access information through mobile devices
  • Communicate through emails, texts, and tweets
  • Discover and deal with scheduling conflicts
  • Effortlessly maintain governing documents, forms, and other paperwork